Thursday, 31 May 2012

You can't make it up: mutant and black gay in love

No, I am not making fun of anyone!! This is a real story brought to our attention by The Guardian (who else?). A company which publishes popular comics announced "the couple" will be "married" in one of the next issues of the magazine. Sounds incredible? Funny? Ridiculous? Yes and no! My first impression was this madness is just one of the many unhealthy symptoms of our dying society. Unfortunately this is no laughing matter. The children wants to imitate their heroes in everything they do and that includes not only costumes, sayings, but also attitudes. No wonder, an American organization of mothers expressed its concern. The extreme ultra-liberals are seeking to promote their sickening version of morality amongst children and there is no way we can stop such monstrosity in a democratic society. What we can do, however, is to oppose the dictatorship of relativism in word and deed. Above all, we need more priests whose mission will be mainly apologetic. This can't be limited simply to teaching and explaining the faith. Going back to one of my previous posts, where I mentioned the talk given by prof. Steiner about the role of priests and prophets in Israel; it looks like we are living in times when priests will play the role of  the Old Testament prophets. Their role was quite simple - to speak the truth. As we now from the Bible, such vocation is never easy and many holy men have been killed or persecuted for their fidelity to the Word of God. I hope this ultimate sacrifice won't be necessary, but if it comes - let's ask for the strenght to say "Thy will be done".

P.S. Oh, and here is the original story: Mutant gays

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