Tuesday, 15 May 2012

West has betrayed Christianity, Russia will save it

According to father Vsevolod Chaplin, a priest of the Russian Orthodox Church, West has betrayed Christianity (see the full story here: West has betrayed Christianity). While such statement might sound shocking, we should perhaps take a step back and look at the present state of the Church. Disobedient priests in Ireland, radical feminist nuns in America, homosexuals forcing Austrian priest to leave their parishes, archbishops saying things like "who knows what's down the road", girls as altar servers and we could go on and on. Well, if we are honest, we have to admit father Chaplin has a point. But here is the other way how to look at it. Let's not take it as rebuke, but rather as a brotherly advice, warning and  a last minute wake up call. The Church should embrace the challenges of today's world and rejoice in the opportunity to bear a witness. When I say the Church, I mean the Catholic Church of course; protestant churches are just "groups" or "communities" as Benedikt XVI. rightly reminded us in 2007 (Dismay and anger as Pope declares Protestant...). There is no need to wait in fear for another punch from forces which are seeking to obscure the Christian heritage of Europe and erase God and Christianity from the public discourse. Let's not forget, we are in the war! Truly, it is a spiritual combat, but this battle can sometimes manifest itself in the cultural wars of the present time. This is my very first post and God bless you all!

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