Friday, 25 May 2012

Silent crimes

The Telegraph just reported 24 abortions were performed on three teenage girls (NHS performed 24 abortions....); some of them had up to 7 pregnancies terminated. What terrifies me most is not the fact, that such things are allowed in the current ultra-liberal society; that is to be expected when God and his law is replaced by social constructs of morality, where evil is " philosophical construct" at best. The tragedy of abortion is multiplied by cowardly silence of those, who should be protecting the rights of the unborn. The "40 days for life" was an amazing event, but such event should be seen only as a first step in the long battle for the rights of innocents. We need a courageous support from our bishops, who should be ideally organizing and leading marches for life (protecting the unborn) and marches for family (against perverse understanding of human sexuality). If not now, then when? If not we, then who?

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