Wednesday, 16 May 2012

UK supports forcible sterilisation of Indian women

The headline says it all, but for those who would like to know more, here is the link: Population control: UK aid funds forcible sterilisation of India's poor. You think it's an exception? You are naive, the current government is promoting the culture of death quite aggressively and not only in India. Let's not forget the cutting of aid to Malawi and other African countries, when they dismissed David Cameron's bizarre homosexual propaganda. Jailing two homosexuals for their "engagement ceremony", the judge later said: "Malawi is not ready to see its sons getting married to its sons." (UK to Malawi: obey or your kids will starve to death!) What these two cases have in common? Well, they clearly illustrate the arrogant, cruel and racist attitude towards the so called "third world countries".While political correctness went mad in Britain, this new form of racism is spreading fast and spreading deep. I call it cultural racism. Let's be clear here; I do not approve the jailing of these two men, but I do understand the reasoning behind the judge's decision. More importantly, we have a duty to respect other cultures and traditions not just in words, but in deeds. Sadly, the UK does not recognize such duty at the moment. In reality, I fear the day when a state will determine what is moral and what is not. For when this day will come, I am pretty sure Christian morals will be seen as immoral...But let's go back to India's poor women. What was their crime? They had too many children! To be fair, we have to say the women went to a doctor and asked to be sterilised. But why did they asked for a sterilisation? Were they forced by their husbands? Or was it poverty beyond any European imagination? And did they really know what they are asking for? More importantly, the well fed Europeans have a DUTY to HELP people to make their lives better, not simply sterilise them like cattle. Yeah, but there are too many people on earth and we can't help everyone, an average Briton would say. We need to promote gender equality and reproduction rights, so people will behave more responsibly. Such arguments only distort the underlying attitude of advocates of the culture of death - NO MAN, NO PROBLEM.

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