Sunday, 20 May 2012

Gay trespassing prohibited!

Now that's what I call Christians with attitude! The Orthodox faithful promised to stop the planned gay parade, which could possibly take in Moscow on March 27. Cossacks and youth sport associations also promised to help to "patrol Moscow streets, especially places where 'perverts of all sorts' gather" (see the full story here: Orhtodox activists to prevent gay pride parade). It would be naive to expect similar action from Catholics in London and the use of the same vocabulary could even lead to a police investigation. However, we should be inspired by the brave example of our Orthodox brethren. I am not saying the Catholics in London should try to block the gay parade; that would be a futile attempt indeed. What I am saying is, that we should organize pro-marriage march on the same day (or very close to gay parade date) and clearly, peacefuly without hesitation or fear opppose the distorted view of human sexuality. Anyone is coming with me?

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