Monday, 11 June 2012

Neo-pagan city ride

I've been walking through Holborn are in London last Saturday and I saw a group of photographers waiting for someone. After making few more steps I heard hellish shrieks and noises and a horde of half-barbaric people flooded the street. (Naked perverts riding the streets of London) At first I thought "what a bunch of idiots", but standing there and recording them, the reality suddenly dawned at me.....We live in the society, where a group of psychopaths can ride naked through the streets of London and the police does nothing. We live in the society, where the nurses and elderly couples are persecuted for their Christian faith and at the same time our basic instincts are being labelled as hypocritical. The problem is not the group of 200 hundred disrespectful people; the real problem is the society which ALLOWS them to perform such obscenities. I saw a young girl, a mere child covering her eyes. I saw a group of four black homeless men expressing their anger. But I also saw a group of people cheering, another laughing while taking pictures and other watching with wild hungry excitement this neo-pagan march of primitivism. Most importantly, I saw a society, which is no longer able to distinguish between good and evil. If one is permitted to think in terms of good and evil, then good is ridiculed and evil praised as the supreme good itself. On that Saturday evening, I saw the sign of our times and it was sad, scary experience...

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