Sunday 17 June 2012

Pink clowns in Catholic processions - the sign of times?

There's a story in the Catholic Herald about the Spirit in the City (Spirit in the City). Basically, it's a series of events (prayers, processions, concerts etc.) and the aim is to bring the Catholic faith to people who would normally never had a chance to encounter Catholicism in their daily lives. I've checked their website and to my greatest shock I found a picture of a pink clown walking in the procession next to the icon of Theotokos (picture above). I think the picture is self-explanatory and there is no need to comment what looks almost like mockery of real good old-fashioned processions (see below the procession of our Orthodox brethren). What else could be said? We need to evangelize our society, but not in this way...After all, the faith of the apostles, the faith of the martyrs and virgins is no laughing matter. It's a question of life and dead.

Thursday 14 June 2012

The shadow of dictatorship

The Telegraph brings an unbelievable story (Forced to promote gay...). The current situation in Britain is becoming worse day by day and it seems like the country is sleepwalking towards dictatorship. If homosexual marriages are legalized, the teachers will be forced to promote this sodomy as equal to the sacred mystery of marriage. In other words, the traditional family will be presented only as one of the acceptable models of family and not as "the one" unique lifelong commitment between a man and a woman. Thus, the innocent souls of kids will be exposed to homosexual propaganda from the early age and it looks like the parents will NOT be able to withdraw their children from sex education classes. Father Chaplin said Russia will save Europe (West has betrayed Christianity...). I think they should start the saving operation right now.

Monday 11 June 2012

Neo-pagan city ride

I've been walking through Holborn are in London last Saturday and I saw a group of photographers waiting for someone. After making few more steps I heard hellish shrieks and noises and a horde of half-barbaric people flooded the street. (Naked perverts riding the streets of London) At first I thought "what a bunch of idiots", but standing there and recording them, the reality suddenly dawned at me.....We live in the society, where a group of psychopaths can ride naked through the streets of London and the police does nothing. We live in the society, where the nurses and elderly couples are persecuted for their Christian faith and at the same time our basic instincts are being labelled as hypocritical. The problem is not the group of 200 hundred disrespectful people; the real problem is the society which ALLOWS them to perform such obscenities. I saw a young girl, a mere child covering her eyes. I saw a group of four black homeless men expressing their anger. But I also saw a group of people cheering, another laughing while taking pictures and other watching with wild hungry excitement this neo-pagan march of primitivism. Most importantly, I saw a society, which is no longer able to distinguish between good and evil. If one is permitted to think in terms of good and evil, then good is ridiculed and evil praised as the supreme good itself. On that Saturday evening, I saw the sign of our times and it was sad, scary experience...

Monday 4 June 2012

Just Love. A Framework for Christian Sexual Ethics

The title of this post suggests an authoritative view of the Church, a well researched and argued position of some respectable theologian, but it is not.......Unfortunately, sr. Margaret A. Farley R. S. M. (see the image above) exposed herself as a completely deluded and lost soul. In her book she advocates acceptance of homosexual acts and unions, divorce, masturbation and re-marriage. No sane person would call these views Catholic. What shocks me is not the fact, that some deeply confused sister wrote an utterly confusing book. The Church has a rich experience of disobedient priests, monks and nuns (some became even famous, e.g Luther, Hus). What is shocking in this case is the fact she wasn't corrected by her superiors. The basic search on Google reveals sr. Margaret departed from the teaching of the Church as early as 1984 expressing support for the killing of unborn innocents (Margaret Farley). The CDF action (CDF notifies) against sr. Margaret is a good step forward, but it should have been done long time ago. How can the Church  effectively proclaim the Gospel of the Lord, if the house is divided? How can we expect to attract young women to religious life in union with Christ, if what they see and hear is the spirit of falsehood and lies?! Thank God not all is gloom and doom; the young generation seems to have very little interest in self-deluding social constructs only loosely associated with Christianity. May God give sr. Margaret the grace of repentance before her death. John Paul II., pray for us!