Saturday 8 December 2012

My dear readers!

First of all, I would like to explain my long silence. I've been experiencing a serious spiritual crisis for the last couple of months. I am torn between Catholicism and Orthodoxy. The more I study and the more I explore, the more I am inclined to believe that the Orthodox Church preserved the purity of faith more faithfully then Catholics.

Therefore, I will dedicate the next couple of months to personal study, reflection and prayer. This is my very last post.

Thanks to all my readers for their fidelity.

Yours in Christ

Sunday 16 September 2012

Who stands behind Pussy riot?

The famous Russian journalist Arkadij Mamontov released a new documentary about Pussy Riot trying to find out who sponsors this group of hooligans. He is not afraid to raise uncomfortable questions and offers some fascinating theories. One of the theories is, that the group is used by Boris Berezovsky (Most wanted Interpol) as a tool to divide Russian society and create anti-government and anti-Putin feelings. It mights sound a bit wild, but Arkadij Mamontov was the first journalist in the world who broke the story about the "spy stone". After years of denying, Jonathan Powell (Tony Blair's former chief of staff) was forced to admit that theBritish indeed used the "spy stone" (Powell admits spying). Furthermore, Mr. Mamontov claims to have a letter in his possession, which proves the actions against the Russian Orthodox Church were planned as early as 2008. It is truly fascinating and in many respects illuminating documentary. I am not aware of the existence of subtitled version, but for those of you, who speak Russian, please watch here: Provocateurs 2. You will hear and see what the Western "free" media don't tell you......

Thursday 6 September 2012

Destruction in Ireland

I've been recently in Ireland in a small town called Tullamore (yeah, the famous Tullamore dew). I went to hear a Holy Mass on Sunday and I was expecting to see a fine example of traditional Irish Catholicism, but instead of Irish stubbornness I discovered a parish destroyed by ultra-modernists. Well, as a minimum the interior of the Church was brutalized quite unscrupulously. I took a couple of pictures to show this barbarity to the world, so here it is:

      Theotokos, the mother of God? Street lamp? Psychedelic vitrine? Abstract art in its best....
A cross without our Saviour; how typically Protestant! Why the so called "progressive" Catholics have to destroy every traditional representation of Jesus and his saints in places of worship? Since when is the burned Cross a Catholic symbol? The only organization I can think of is Ku Klux Klan......
Why is Judas (far left) included among the Apostles? The idea probably was to remind us, that not everyone who participates in the Holy Mass will be saved. While I can understand such reasoning, I very much question the necessity of his presence in the sanctuary. As far as I know, this is practice unknown in the tradition of the Church.
   1970's street lanterns and half-empty seats in the's quite a depressing view....