Monday, 3 September 2012

Russian idea

"Nothing is more important in society than the moral principles that form its foundation, nothing. Everything else is secondary". These words were uttered not by a member of the Church, but by a politician. Unfortunately, this politician is not a president of EU, but the president of the Russian federation (Putin understands). Vladimir Putin attracts a lot of criticism, mainly from ultra-liberal Western media, but no matter how many half-truths and lies are told about him; he proves himself time and time again as the most intelligent leader in Europe and North America. More importantly, Vladimir Putin seems to be willing to endorse, protect and promote the Orthodox faith in his native Russia. Unfortunately, we citizens of Europe witness a very different attitude among politicians. This attitude is very often ignorant or explicitly hostile to the idea of Christian Europe. President Putin is not a professional politician, he is a statesman. In Europe we have multitude of professional politicians but no statesmen since Charles de Gaulle. As a result, we see a gross erosion of basic moral principles in our societies (e.g. homosexual marriages, abortions, feminist propaganda etc.). If we don't try to protect fundamental moral pillars today, they will be crushed tomorrow. Let's not fool ourselves. When the pillars will fall down, many good people will be buried under them. We should start to take the Russian idea seriously and adapt it to our European environment before it's too late. Let's leave our pride behind and be inspired by the East. The resurrection of the Church in Russia is truly miraculous after decades of Communism. Unlike in Russia, there is no revolution in Europe at the moment. The fall of Europe is a gradual process started long time ago. We can still stop it.....

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